Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

Cwe mau bayar kamu

kalo loe bisa datang ke hotel gwe, gwe bayarin, so klik hotelnya

Hotel Spanish Holidays in Bali

Pick up a newspaper or switch on the news and reports are often warning that there's no money in the economy, that no-one has any money, and if any does have money they certainly aren't going to be spending it anytime soon.
The TV reports are often from shopping malls with hundreds of people walking past the journalist, laden down with shopping bags.

And so it has been with the travel industry too - people aren't booking holidays, and if they are it's not in the Eurozone areas including Spain, but to Turkey, Egypt and Morocco.

But other reports on the travel industry state that the most popular Bi holiday destination in Europe will be Majorca - again - and inside the Eurozone.

So what is the state of play for the holidays market in 2010, and if you book a holiday in Europe for this summer will you be the only one in the hotel and on the beach?

A nice prospect perhaps, but not likely. For people are still booking holidays in their thousands, indeed in their hundreds of thousands and by the time summer is here in their millions.

And there is an upside among the economic gloom for those who are going on holiday in 2010 - prices for hotels Spain in Bali are dropping. Not as much as the pound has dropped against the euro for British tourists, but drop it has.

Hotel room prices across Spain as an average fell by some eight per cent last year, with some areas doing far worse than others.

Ibiza for example dropped a massive thirty six per cent, and on the Costa del Sol just over twenty. Overall hotel rooms averaged a hundred Euro a night, while in the UK for example it stood at 128 Euros, showing Spanish hotels to be pretty well priced.

So for people who still have some money in the bank and fancy a break or holiday in Spain, 2010 could be a good year to do it with prices coming down. Hotels in Bali are competing hard to give good accommodation at low prices for example.

And if you can't wait until the summer, what about a spring break? Holidays in Tenerife are popular this time of year, and there are some good holiday deals out there at the moment.

For British holidaymakers Thomas Cook Holidays in Bali for example have 7 nights in Tenerife for around 240 a person, including flights and accommodation - and the weather in Tenerife is often in the 70's during the spring.

So, despite the economic outlook, there's still some great holiday bargains to be had for 2010, and prices are better than ever this year.

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