Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Pamer Dada

Of all the destinations the world has to offer, what would you say is the best one that starts with the letter A? How about B, C and on down to X, Y and Z?

In Bing Travel’s latest slide show, we’ve created an itinerary for an incredible tour of the world, one letter at a time. The destinations for some letters were relatively easy to decide; for G, for instance, it’s hard to go wrong with recommending Greece, the cradle of Western thought and culture. Most of the letters, though, required lots of thought, and frequently difficult decisions.

Take the letter A — we chose Amsterdam, but we could easily have gone with places like Alaska, Argentina, Australia, Austria or the Amazon rain forest. Another toughie was T, where we considered such worthy options as Turkey, Trinidad, Tunisia and Tonga before settling on Thailand. We’re not telling you what we picked for Q, X and Z, though; you’ll have to click and find out!

Do you agree with our choices for the travel alphabet? Which of these places have you been to, and which ones are on your wishlist? Share your thoughts with fellow travelers in the comments section.

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  1. ajok posting gambar orang yo biar gag berdosa
    posting gambar aku aja hikz....hikz.....

  2. kata sp law mau y tnggalbilang aza